Saturday, January 06, 2007

Upload: Porcupine Tree - Signify

This is definitely one of my favorite albums ever, and I've been wanting to do this review for some time. I would describe the band's sound on this album as perhaps a much darker (lyrically and musically) Pink Floyd, sans the drugs. I don't think that description does it justice, either... this album is a truly unique experience. Like many of my favorites, one must listen to this one front to back for the full effect.

The album starts with an interestingly sampled piece, "Bornlivedie", combining phone noises with various other things and some keyboards. The piece ends with someone, in a stereotypically uninterested phone operator voice, simply saying "Signify" then hanging up a phone. From there, the album segues into the artfully fractured title track, an instrumental. The album continues on between traditional songs and more jam-like pieces. This is a concept album about apathy and avoidance, and it shows; songs like "Sleep of no Dreaming" and "Sever" have especially dark, nihilistic lyrics, and even some of the instrumentals have names like "Idiot Prayer" or "Intermediate Jesus" and include creepy or odd samples, fitting the mood very well. The album is not so much about focusing on a certain instrument or anything as it is about creating a specific mood for the song and matching lyrics almost perfectly to the mood. This results in spine-tingling combinations, such as "Every Home is Wired", a song which seems cheerful on the surface but contains much darker motives.

This is an album you have to devote time to listening through. Try it out, and it will reward you handsomely.

9 freaky-looking tied-up old-fashioned chicks out of 10.

You've just had a heavy session of electroshock therapy, and you're more relaxed than you've been in weeks. All those childhood traumas, magically wiped away...along with most of your personality.


Kevin said...

I just bought this album a week ago, and after about a dozen listens, it's starting to sink in. A total masterpiece.

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